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Secure, Low cost and Fast International Money Transfer service to Somalia.

Licensed and regulated by the South African Reserve Bank.

Follow the below steps to transfer money to Somalia:

Note: Before continuing, please make sure you have the latest Shop2Shop App installed

    1. Tap on the “Complete Profile” help button on the Home Screen in the App.
    2. Tap on Upload Security Documents.
    3. Add your security documents.

How To Place an order for Money Transfer on the app:

    1. Tap on ORDER from the Shop2Shop Home Screen.
    2. Tap on Taaj MT.
    3. Select the amount to send, and continue to the cart.
    4. The recipient reference must be a mobile number.
    5. Please Note: The number format must be 12 digits starting with 252, eg. 252-xxx-xxx-xxx

Receive money in Somalia

  • Into Mobile Money account

*Please allow 24 hours for registration and transfer turnaround

A transaction cannot be reversed. Please double-check the recipient number before you transfer.

Shop2Shop Money Transfer cannot be held responsible for a pay-out to the wrong person if/when you have provided us with the incorrect telephone number of the recipient.

What is KYC?

KYC is the mandatory process of identifying and verifying a client’s identity when opening an account.

What is required for KYC?

You will need the following to complete the registration / KYC process:

  • Photo of your ID (SA ID, Passport, or Asylum document)
  • Photo / Selfie of you holding your ID
  • Your address and postal code
  • Your mobile number
  • Your Shop2Shop ShopCode

Do I have to register every time I want to transfer money to Somalia?

No – Registering is a once-off process

How long does the registration process take?

Given that you have the correct documents, the on-app registration process will be done immediately.

Will I be able to send money to Somalia on the same day of registration?

Once you’ve completed the on-app registration process and received confirmation of vetting, you will be able to send money to Somalia the same day.

Can I place an order on the Shop2Shop Money Transfer App without being registered or doing KYC?

Yes – however, you will have to Register and follow the KYC process before Shop2Shop Money Transfer can honour the order.

You can contact the Money Transfer team on any of the following:

Shop2Shop will be able to transfer money to Somalia from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00.

Please allow 24 hours for all trades to be finalised.

Simply pay your order by using the available funds you have in your Shop2Shop account.

How does the receiver of the funds draw the money that was sent via the money transfer service?

Money will be sent via Mobile Money and will be available in the recipient’s e-wallet.

How long will the funds take to show in Somalia so that the receiver can draw the funds?

As soon as the transfer has been sent and successfully processed, the funds are immediately available.

Will I know how much the recipient will receive on payout?

Yes – you will be able to select the $ amount you feel most comfortable with from the ordering system. All of the fees and charges will show on this screen. You will also receive an Integrated Invoice with a breakdown in ZAR that includes all fees and the transferring amount. Here you will also see the $ amount that the Recipient will receive

What is the maximum value that can be sent in one go?

  • For first-time clients, the maximum value is R5,000 for one transfer.
  • For repeat clients, the maximum value is R5,000 per day, limited to a maximum of R25,000 per month

What is the minimum Dollar value that can be sent?