Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 1 –  Login to your Shop2Shop account -> click on accounts to make sure that your Flash account is added.

Step 2 –  Go to Transfer -> My accounts -> Type in the amount.

Step 3 –  Make sure you select Shop Account on the From Account panel, and Select Flash on the “To Account” panel and transfer.

To add your Flash account, see our “How to add your Flash Account” in our FAQ section.
For any further assistance, contact our call center on 0210230291 and select option 2, or contact us via WhatsApp on 0624675939.

Step 1 –  Does your airtime voucher/airtime slip starts with *130*7467*14 digit recharge pin#?

Step 2 –  If Yes: Please make sure you dial the numbers as they are on the voucher/airtime slip.

Step 3 –  If No: Please note that this is not an Easy Load voucher. Contact the helpline provided on the voucher/slip for further assistance.

Check that your airtime voucher/airtime slip starts with *130*7467*14 digit recharge pin number.
Please make sure you dial the numbers as they are, and not skip anything on the string provided starting from *130*7467*14 digit pin number.

If your voucher has a barcode where you can use a scan, please use the QR scanner, or alternatively send a photo of the voucher to us 0664949032.

If your voucher has Kazang written on top of the voucher, contact Kazang on 0875502955 for assistance.

Check how many shop accounts you have registered with Shop2Shop.

One Account –  Please send proof of missing transaction to our contact center via WhatsApp on 0624675939.
If this involves a customer also send us the customer’s bank statement.

Multiple Accounts –  Please contact our call center for further assistance.

Step 1: Check that you have loaded your airtime to one of these 4 networks: Cell C, Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom.
If you have loaded to any other network, for example, Telkom Landlines, FNB, Virgin Mobile, or 8ta, the voucher will not work.

Step 2 –  Make sure that you did no deductions were made by your network, or that you have any subscriptions deduction from your airtime.
If so, please contact your network provider.

Step 3 – If none of the above solved your issue, please contact our Support Center on 0870770990 or via WhatsApp at 0664949032.

Steps to follow:
Restart your phone.
Check if you have 2 sim cards on your phone and check the balance each of the sim cards.
Our airtime works on all 4 networks; Cell C, Vodacom, MTN & Telkom, so please make sure you have inserted a sim card that corresponds to the correct network.

Note: If you only have 1 sim card and you’ve restarted with no change, please send a photo of the voucher to our contact center on 0664949032 and they will verify it for you.

Note that our Tap2Pay devices do not allow for card swipe options due to security reasons.
Please proceed with using either the “Tap” or “Insert card” functions.

Step 1 –  Click on the “Forget Password” link. Enter your registered email address and click Submit.

Step 2 –  A password reset link will be sent to you by Shop2Shop. Check your email inbox. If you don’t receive the link, also check your Junkmail & Spam mail folders.

Step 3 –  Once received, click on the link. Type in a new password and write it somewhere you can easily reach should you forget it.

Step 4 –  Once you have generated your new password, go to your Shop2Shop app and login with your email address and new password.

Step 5 –  If none of these helped you may contact our call center on 0210230291 or WhatsApp on 0624675939.

To top up your Shop2Shop account you can do one of the following:

1. Drop cash into your safe in order to top up your Shop2Shop account.

2. Send money from one Shop2Shop account to another Shop2Shop account, using your shop code or scanning the unique code.