Merchant Manual


The below serves as a guideline of services and industries which are prohibited and Shop2Shop may not be used to accept payments for the following industries and services.

A Shop2Shop Merchant may not do business that constitutes any of the following designated prohibited industries:

  • Government controlled;
  • Illegal businesses and activities according to the laws and regulations governing the service establishment or Customers;
  • Gambling (including casino chips, gambling services, internet casino sites, and Bingo);
  • Lottery Sales;
  • Collection Agencies (receivable on Card);
  • Credit Restoration Services;
  • Prostitution (including service establishment or Customers involved in prostitution such as unlicensed massage parlours and escort services);
  • internet adult digital content;
  • High Risk cyberlocker merchants, such as:
    • Cryptocurrency Merchants,
    • High-risk Negative Option Billing Merchants,
    • High-risk Securities Merchants,
    • Binary options trading,
    • Contracts for difference (CFD),
    • Foreign exchange (Forex) currency options trading,
    • Cryptocurrency options trading,
    • Initial coin offerings (ICOs).

A Shop2Shop Merchant may not engage in any of the following brand damaging activities:

  • An increase in card-not-present transactions, a range of illegal products, and deceptive marketing practices that expose Shop2Shop, its Acquiring banks or the Association to regulatory, financial, litigation and brand risk. These threats come from a variety of sources including but not limited to:
    • The sales of infringing products;
    • Unlawful sales of pharmaceutical products;
    • Unlawful sales of tobacco and electronic smokeless tobacco products;
    • Prohibited gambling activities;
    • engaging in activities or practices that are deceptive or misleading or that reflect unfavourably upon the good name, goodwill, reputation or image of any of the Associations or that in any way are contrary to applicable law;
    • Transactions related to child pornography, bestiality, or rape.

The following items are prohibited and may not be sold via the Shop2Shop Platform:

  • items which are illegal and/or prohibited by law;
  • weapons or ammunition of any kind;
  • alcohol and/or tobacco products, without the appropriate license/s;
  • any item which may violate any person’s rights (including intellectual property rights); and/or
  • any other items which we deem to be dangerous or inappropriate for sale via the Platform, acting in our sole discretion.

The following non-face-to-face services are also prohibited by Shop2Shop:

  • Non-face-to-face adult content and services Merchants;
  • Non-face-to-face gambling Merchants;
  • Non-face-to-face pharmaceutical Merchants ; and
  • Non-face-to-face tobacco product Merchants.

Kindly refer to the links below for additional Mastercard and VISA merchant rules:


When using a Shop2Shop Device our agreement with our Merchants require that certain rules need to be complied with. While these are fully captured on the Mastercard Website located at as well as the VISA website located at, Shop2Shop has put together a summarized version of some of the high level rules below, in order to educate our Shop2Shop Merchants.

  1. Terms and Conditions:

For a Merchant to use the Shop2Shop system you need to accept and understand the Terms and Conditions, should you not understand or need clarity on these please do not accept them and rather call our call centre on 021 023 0291for more clarity before registering on the platform.

  1. Trading Account Details

A Merchant must keep their Trading Account details confidential. You are responsible for all changes and updates submitted through your Trading Account, and all activities and transactions that occur in connection with your Trading Account

You must notify us immediately if you have reason to think that someone else has obtained access to your Trading Account Details or if your trading account has been compromised.

  1. Cardholders Details and Confidential Data:

No Merchant shall, unless required by law, under any circumstances retain any cardholder data. A Merchant may not sell, purchase, provide or otherwise disclose transaction information or other personal information to anyone.

The Merchant must keep all systems and media containing information in a manner which is secure and must have in place sufficient and continuous safeguards to prevent access by or disclosure to any unauthorised party.

The Merchant must destroy all information not necessary to retain, in a manner that will render the data unreadable.

A Merchant must timeously on request from Shop2Shop, return or delete all Confidential Information belonging to Shop2Shop.

  1. Transactions:

The Merchant must ensure that the following process relating to EMV chip transactions takes place:

  1. the cardholder shall be present when the card is being processed and verify the transaction by entering his/her valid PIN on the Device;
  2. transactions may be processed online or offline by inserting the chip card in the Device; and
  3. An EMV transaction will be incomplete under one or more of the following circumstances:
    1. if the card is removed out of the slot before the transaction is completed;
    2. if the chip technology fails during the transaction; and
    3. if the telecoms are interrupted during the transaction flow.

A Merchant must accept all valid Cards presented to the Merchant by the rightful cardholder for goods and / or services and should not process any Transaction that do not relate to a genuine and legal transaction for goods and/or services.

Merchants shall at all times honour, in accordance with this educational guide, the terms and conditions of this Agreement and in accordance with all Card Association Rules and Regulations in existence at the time of the transaction, without discrimination, all Association credit cards when properly presented as payment through the internet by Your customers in connection with bona fide, legal transactions.

Merchants may only process transaction in the Republic of South Africa and only process Transactions that are in amounts denominated in South African Rand.

  1. Fraudulent & Invalid Transactions:

Merchants shall not process card transaction that you know or suspect to be

  1. fraudulent or
  2. not authorised by the cardholder or
  3. illegal or
  4. prohibited or non-compliant with the obligations set out in the Association and/or PASA Rule

(referred to as an “Invalid Transaction”).

With respect to this requirement, all Merchants will be responsible for the action of your employees while acting in your employ or in the course of this employment or on the occasion or for the purpose of his employment.

Merchants must furthermore always be able to prove, by evidence of a terminal capture that the Card was present at the time of a sale.

Merchants may not perpetuate any conduct which constitutes any fraudulent activities, money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption or any other criminal activity, illegal use or abuse of the Shop2Shop System.

  1. Chargeback Ratios:

All Merchants will maintain chargeback ratios in line with the Mastercard and VISA Rules and Regulations, as per the above links.

  1. Promotional Materials:

Merchants must ensure that all promotional and advertising material as may be provided by Shop2Shop to You, is always displayed in accordance with our directions and requirements.

  1. Association Rules:

All Merchants must obtain and familiarise yourself with the Card Association Rules that are published by the Associations from time to time and available on the Mastercard Website located at as well as the VISA website located at

To the extent that You are required to process Personal Information belonging to Shop2Shop and/or to any third parties pursuant to Your use of the Shop2Shop System, You must ensure You do so only in accordance with applicable Data Protection Legislation. You must not, by act or omission, place us in violation of any Data Protection Legislation.

You must, timeously on request from us, return or delete all Confidential Information belonging to us.

Merchants are required to at all times comply with all the applicable laws including the Association Rules and all Shop2Shop rules, manuals, policies and processes related to the Shop2Shop ecosystem.

Merchants shall ensure that it complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards as required and applicable


Merchants shall provide Shop2Shop with all reports and documents or information as may be required in terms of any applicable laws and/or the Association Rules.

Merchants acknowledge that any violation of the Card Association Rules and Regulations shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement and may, at our sole and absolute discretion, constitute grounds for terminating this Agreement.

Compliance with Card Association Rules. Merchant will comply with and conduct its Card activities in accordance with all applicable Card Association Rules and regulations, as such rules and regulations may be amended from time to time whether or not Merchant has been informed of any such amendment.

Failure to comply with such rules and regulations may result in Merchant being terminated for cause and listed on various Card Association and industry databases, including the Terminated Merchant File and the Merchant Alert to Control High Risk Merchants file maintained by MasterCard and Visa (collectively as “MATCH”) and any other Card Association equivalent. With respect to the Card Associations, Merchant may not breach any of the rules set out in this guide, as well as the rules set out in the Terms and Conditions entered into with Shop2Shop.

  1. Split Transactions:

Merchants are not allowed to split Transactions for customers and are not allowed to charge parts of a single Transaction on different dates in order to bypass authorisation or take any other measures that would have this effect.

  1. Cash Payments:

Merchant may not receive any payment from a Customer for charges included in any Transaction nor receive any payment from a Cardholder to prepare and present a Transaction for the purpose of affecting a credit to the Cardholder’s Card account.

  1. Cash Advances:

Merchant may not process a Transaction for the purpose of obtaining or providing a cash advance.

  1. Duplicate Transactions:

Merchant may not process duplicate Transactions.

  1. Fees:

Merchants are not allowed to add any extra charges or set any minimum or maximum Transaction amount for any particular Transaction.

  1. Voucher Information & Retention:

Merchants must retain a copy of both the signed and the unsigned sales voucher along with the receipt for a period of at least 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of the transaction and must ensure that each voucher issued by the Merchant carries the Transaction date and includes sufficient details to identify the Transaction.

  1. Devices:

Merchant may only conduct business within the Republic of South Africa.

Merchants must make sure that all Your personnel who process Transactions are sufficiently trained and skilled to do so prior to processing transactions.

Should Merchants want to relocate a device they must obtain Shop2Shop approval to relocate the Device to an address other than what has been registered on their profile.

A device may only be used by a Merchant to process Transactions for the entity whose details are registered on the profile.

  1. Mastercard Registration Program:

Any Merchants conducting the following services may not make use of Shop2Shops services and are required to be registered directly on the Mastercard Registration Program System:

  • Non-face-to-face adult content and services Merchants;
  • Non-face-to-face gambling Merchants;
  • Non-face-to-face pharmaceutical Merchants;
  • Non-face-to-face tobacco product Merchants;
  • Government-owned lottery Merchants (specific countries);
  • High-risk cyberlocker Merchants;
  • Cryptocurrency Merchants;
  • High-risk Negative Option Billing Merchants;
  • High-risk Securities Merchants;
  • Binary options trading;
  • Contracts for difference (CFD);
  • Foreign exchange (Forex) currency options trading;
  • Cryptocurrency options trading;
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs).
  1. Breach:

This educational guide serves to notify all Merchants that any violation of the Card Association Rules and Regulations shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement and may, at our sole and absolute discretion, constitute grounds for terminating this Agreement

To view PCI Standards, please follow this link: PCI STANDARDS

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